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Have you ever wondered why some people crush so many of these online leads and some others don't? Today I'm here in beautiful Coronado for the lab coat agents live event. I get the opportunity to talk to my buddy Mike Hogan from the Hogan team out in Virginia. I'm lucky enough to know a lot of the top agents, team owners, brokers all over the country. But this dude, Mike brings over 1600 online leads a month and closes them at 6% that is unheard of. Are you?

The industry has been curious on how he does it and, so am I. So we're going to go inside and find out.

Suneet: “So I'm sitting here with my friend Mike. We're here at a lab coat agents live in Coronado and Mike converts more online leads than most people that I know. So we're all a little curious about how he, how he does it. Then we're talk about again, tell me how many online leads are you generating right now?”

Mike: “For me, right now we're bringing in about 15-1600 online leads. I'm sure getting that many leads. You probably know what your metrics are.“

Suneet: “So out of that 1600, how many do you think make it to the appointment to appointment?”

Mike: “We're at about about 400 of those and negative appointments. It depends on the month. Last month we did about a hundred of those, made it to a to extra. So though you're closing at about 6% the national average is between one and 2%. “

Suneet: “What the hell are you doing differently than are you doing?”

Mike: “You know, realistically, I mean it, it's, it's a couple of different things. I mean, first of all, not all of our lead sources are converting at 6% we've got some lead sources that are, who burden five to 10%. We have somebody who's a sources that are converting that ed one or 2% but overall, yeah, we're coming in between five, 6% conversion lab. “

Suneet: “What is the most crucial aspect of getting online leads?”

Mike: “Somebody you haven't had to getting them all the way through to signing the contract. I mean there's so many things, but realistically, personally you don't go into a house and then it's the ability to build that relationship with somebody that you haven't met him in building the super funnels, building the relationship. “

Suneet: “So what are the top like one or two things that you're doing good? You are crushing it, you consistently the, at the highest level.”

Mike: “First, asking open ended questions. Listening to what people are saying and their chain. They genuinely care what those answers are. I think that's probably my guys that are really good at, that's the biggest thing. Um, second, you know, I would say it's just, again, I'm going to get back to the relationship building. It's the ones who are able to build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, all different backgrounds, and be able to, to make them feel, make them trust them credible. A lead is a lead is that lead.”

So I told you this dude's a killer. Right? And that's why I come to events like this so I can meet and mastermind with top agents in the country!